Nkemi Higdon

Creative Entrepreneur

Since I sold more than $300,000 in my ecommerce business in just my first year, I’m often asked, “How can I grow my business quickly as you did?” While I will continue to be inspired and informed by the experiences of successful entrepreneurs, I am persuaded that my real success secret lies in practices that have helped me rise above the odds and that have greatly elevated this life journey for me, business and personal.

I worked as an IT manager for a company that closed its doors during the depression some years ago. Jobs were scarce in my town and, as a single mom, I needed to reestablish myself in a hurry. One day I heard a podcast interview with an female entrepreneur and was drawn to her story because her circumstance closely resembled my own. I listened, began taking notes and knew what I had to do. I got started right away.

My name is Kem. I’m a full-time online entrepreneur. I am proud to say that last year I fully paid off the mortgage my home – sixteen years early. I’ve created this site to share online marketing tips and resources that will help you in your entrepreneurial journey. It is my passion and pleasure to see you gain clarity and create the life of your dreams.